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Superior quality Amber incense sticks. A deeply resinous, long burning incense. Definitely one to add to your classic incense collection.
Bring balance, wisdom and heal mind, body and spirit with these Amber Supreme incense sticks.

With its almost powdery, sweet, sensual aroma, this is the closest you’ll find to amber resin on a stick. Give it time, let it fill your space for at least 5-10 minutes to really appreciate this luxurious scent.
Amber Supremeincense-sticks
Arabian Attarincense-sticksarabian-attar
This is classic, temple masala incense – done with a twist. Banaras Sandal is a spiritual Sandalwood with a subtle lift of lemon, making this a grounding, woody, yet fresh burn.
Banaras Sandalwoodincense-sticks
Bengal Beauty – a natural, evocative aroma which is created especially to manifest love. Making this one of the best incense sticks to attract love and enhance self-love. Light with a special someone or as a loving treat for yourself.

Powdery with khus, vanilla, rose and amber.
Bengal Beautyincense-sticksbengal-beauty
These classic Benzoin Absolute incense sticks pack a punch. Deep, potent and magical, benzoin is known to provide comfort, focus and enhance concentration. Resinous and vanilla-like.
Benzoin Absoluteincense-sticksbenzoin-absolute
Big cleanse incense sticks do exactly that, cleanse your home to a whole new level. Made from camphor, benzoin, frankincense and a mix of sacred woods and oils that are created especially to ‘BIG CLEANSE’ your home.
Big Cleanse sticksincense-sticks
Bombay Blues incense sticks are best for relaxation. They’re very grounding, especially for those times of contentment and contemplation. The sun is setting and there’s finally a little space to think. Super zen, super chilled.

Soft, dry with a sweet note. Light patchouli, geranium, khus and a lift of mint.
Bombay Bluesincense-sticksbombay-blues
Proper coconutty fragrance for those tropical island feels. Coconut Dream incense sticks are fruity and nutty, with a silky vanilla-like sweetness – just how you’d expect them to be.
Coconut Dreamincense-stickscoconut-dream
Inspired by magical, whirling dervishes and Sufi dancers that spin so enchantingly in deep trance and prayer. Soft, peacefully mellow and warm. Vanilla, kewra, amber and rose absolute – almost like cookies baking in the oven – but better, and not as sweet.

Each box contains 20 luxury incense sticks.
Dancing Sufiincense-sticksdancing-sufi
Desert sage is a perfect incense stick for therapies and treatments. Embrace and hold those pleasant thoughts when you light this incense and reinforce your inner strength.

Bright with green sage, eucalyptus, mint, rosewood, cedar and pine.

Each box contains 20 luxury incense sticks.
Desert Sageincense-sticksdesert-sage
One of our favourites to burn at TOI HQ. A truly timeless, ancient fragrance. Deeply resinous, with sweet spicy and earthy notes, Dragons Blood is known to have cleansing and healing properties. This powerful and potent incense will ward off the evil eye and bring positive vibrations and protection within the home. If you’ve never used this before, it’s definitely worth a try.
Dragons Bloodincense-sticksdragons-blood
Electric Musk because it packs a punch! Everything we love about the exotic musky perfumed scents of Egypt is captured in these gorgeous Egyptian Musk incense sticks.
Electric Muskincense-stickselectric-musk
These natural frankincense incense sticks are ideal for meditation, sacred rituals and ceremonies and the health benefits are outstanding and ever-growing, including:

Depression, insomnia, anxiety and stress, air purifier, natural energy boost, and an aid to winter blues.
Ganesha incense, made in honour Lord Ganesh, the overcomer of obstacles. Light this incense stick to invite luck into your home and encourage success and wisdom.

Made with lotus, lavendin, eucalyptus and a floral sprinkle.
It’s SO ‘guava’ we said it twice! Guava Guava incense sticks have an intensely fruity, lemony aroma. Uplifting, happy and bright.
Guava Guavaincense-sticks
This precious Himalayan Spikenard incense from the Himalayas is known as ‘divine’ in Ayurveda and revered in the Bible. According to Christian Gospel, spikenard or ‘nard’ was the precious oil used by Mary Magdalene to anoint the feet of Jesus Christ. This was a time when one jar of oil was worth a years’ wages.

We’ve used this oil, carefully blended with bakhoor, musk, oakmoss and vetiver to create a majestic stick to complement and even rival our famous Oudh.

Use these spikenard incense sticks to strengthen the mind and calm feelings of anger, jealousy and anxiety. It should help calm the nerves. Spikenard is also known to help with insomnia and restless sleep.

Be prepared for emotional, inner explorations when using these sticks for meditation and yoga practice.
Himalayan Spikenardincense-sticks
Indian Express is a blend with countless ingredients to enchant you – kewda, geranium, rose absolute, rosemary and more. It is incense alchemy at its best. These sticks will transport you to every magical palace and every peaceful temple in India. Sweet and spicy like supari or betel nut for a hint of naughtiness. You’ll know what we mean when you give it a burn.
Indian Expressincense-sticksindian-express
Attract love & heal the heart with these Indian Rose incense sticks. Made with a masterful fusion of high quality rose essential oils.
Indian Roseincense-sticksindian-rose
Named after the renowned fortune- tellers (Joshi’s) of India who is said to bring good luck and good fortune. With its unique blend of amber, woods, musk, mint and spice, if there’s one thing we can predict, it’s going to be your love of this scent.
Jaipur Joshiincense-sticksjaipur-joshi
Jasmine is the sacred flower of the Hindu God of love, Kama. It has been used for centuries as an ingredient for love potions to capture or rekindle the affection of a loved one. Its sweet, exotic and highly floral scent works both as an aphrodisiac and an anti-depressant.

Jasmine incense sticks are also associated with good luck in love and wealth, harmony, sleep and healing.
Jasmine Blossomincense-sticksjasmine-blossom
Made with Keralan lily and florals, Kerala flower is a delicate incense with a beautifully fresh, green, slightly bitter herbal note. We are yet to meet a person that didn’t enjoy this.
Kerala Flowerincense-stickskerala-flower
Incense sticks made in honour of Goddess Lakshmi. Attract prosperity and good luck in abundance! A unique balance of french perfume with a burst of citrus, perfectly balanced with a serious grounding resin base. Adorned in sparkle, these sticks make a fabulous gift.
Tired of soapy, synthetic lavender?  We were too. These lavender incense sticks are the complete opposite. Fresh, clean and floral – the quintessential relaxation incense – done proper.
Lavender Fieldsincense-stickslavender-fields
Bigger, richer and heavier than our Lavender Fields. Premium Ayurvedic incense quality. Hand-rolled Lavender Supreme is masala incense made with supreme lavender oil on a wood base.
Lavender Supremeincense-sticks
Soft and long-lasting, our Lotus Flower incense sticks are elegantly made with lotus lily, florals and a drop of jasmine.

The lotus flower often represents purity and divinity, being symbolic of Lakshmi, so light this incense to welcome the goddess of wealth and prosperity. Let the Goddess bring abundance into your home.

There is the symbolism and idea of the beautiful lotus flower flowering within murky waters and sustaining its beauty regardless of the surroundings. This reminds us to strive to become a better version of ourselves as we grow and overcome obstacles in life, so this is also the ideal stick to burn when you’re looking for clarity in a confusing time.
Lotus Flowerincense-sticks
The sultry fragrance of pure myrrh incense sticks is combined with a subtle mixture of other odiferous resins to produce one of our all-time favourites.

Our Myrrh incense is dark brown, with bitter, spicy, balsamic top notes and resinous, medicinal, wood-smoked undertones. Used for centuries, much like frankincense, it is one of the most spiritual incense resins and is excellent for meditation. Myrrh heals the root chakra and helps deal with change. Burn this incense to inspire peace and tranquillity in your home at any time. Paired with our frankincense resin sticks you will have a match made in heaven.
This Nag Champa Gold incense is a traditionally made example of a time-honoured favourite. Originally from the treasured Happy Hari incense range, these are produced by a small family business in India, making their incense to secret recipes handed down through generations, especially for temple worship.

This is Nag Champa incense – amped-up and smothered in gold dust.
Nag Champa Goldincense-sticksnag-champa-gold
The Classic Temple of Incense blend. Om Masala is a pure and healing temple-style incense. Hand-rolled using an ancient recipe, based on the rare and precious halmaddi resin, with strong woody overtones.

Also fab for covering up cooking smells. Mumma Aydee swears by them.
Om Masalaincense-sticks
Reminds us of the scent of summers spent around orange groves. These Orange Blossom & Lemongrass incense sticks have a soft orange, floral scent paired with bright lemongrass, which we find relaxing, but can see why people also find them revitalising; making these sticks perfect for burning anywhere, anytime.  A firdaus style finish makes these sticks exotic in a way you’re going to love.
Orange Blossom & Lemongrassincense-sticksorange-blossom-lemongrass
The jewel in our crown and by far our favourite. These incense sticks truly capture the beauty of Oudh.

The aroma that set the imagination of Middle Eastern poets and Sufi mystics aflame…

Oudh is a resin released by the Aquilaria tree. Developing over many decades, Oudh is priced above rubies. This extremely high quality Oudh Agarwood incense is a true work of genius, its fragrance ethereal and complex. It is a unique scent with which oil-rich billionaires compete with each other as to who has the best Oudh – we firmly believe we have the best OUDH.
Patchouli Woods is the best incense for grounding and balancing the emotions. It stimulates and balances the yin or feminine aspects and awakens fertility. Burning these sticks promotes physical stamina, banishes lethargy and sharpens your wits while fighting depression and anxiety.

Sweet, warm and spicy, this is a nostalgic classic – done proper.
Patchouli Woodsincense-stickspatchouli-woods
These Perky Pandit incense sticks are made out of the Audumber (Indian fig) tree in India, traditionally used to fight off foes, bring prosperity and wisdom. If you haven’t tried these before, they’re definitely worth a try. It’s a scent that’s hard to describe because it’s so different, but you’ll be surprised how lovely it’s unusual aroma is.
Perky Panditincense-sticksperky-pandit
Holiday all year round with this cheerful, fresh pineapple incense stick that leaves you feeling happy. Made with real oils for an authentic fruity scent.
Purple Rain incense. A creation of wonder. Mystically ethereal with champa flower and blue lotus.
Purple Rainincense-stickspurple-rain
Radha incense sticks. Made in honour of Radha, consort of Krishna – elegant, feminine and true.

Forest fruits, rose de mai, rose wardia, rose absolute.
This is real rose incense, done epically well. Rose Absolute is made for connoisseurs with a real appreciation for rose incense. Magical, potent and a true miracle of a scent that will linger on long after burning. Made with rose petals and absolute rose oil.
Rose Absoluteincense-sticks
Scented with the most expensive spice in the world, these saffron incense sticks will gently warm your home with their uniquely luxurious, opulent, ancient scent.
Hand-rolled real Mysore Sandalwood incense sticks are the perfect choice when looking for meditation and yoga incense. Known in India as ‘Chandan’, meaning golden- an emperor scent – ideal for a temple-at-home feel. Create such an ambience, that your prayer reaches the Divine.
We are home of the ORIGINAL Sandalwood Extreme incense.

After the popularity of our original Sandalwood incense, we created this super-powered, super-strength SANDALWOOD EXTREME. Loaded with beautiful, big Absolute Sandalwood, this is incense like no other.

Not for the faint-hearted and you only need half a stick at a time. Long burning and long-lasting fragrance. This is why they say sandalwood is the scent of the heavens. Feed your soul, please the Divine.
Sandalwood Extremeincense-sticks
This Shakti incense will help you to re-discover and tap into the Divine within, whilst bringing a balance within your mind, body and spirit. Releases blockages that have stifled your sexuality and sensuality. Created in honour of the divine feminine which holds the creative potential.

Made with rose, halmaddi and a blend of exquisite oils.
Healing, energizing, exquisite and sensual. These Shiv meditation incense sticks take you on a mystical journey which awakens the physical and allows for mental relaxation and release from stress, allowing for an overall intense, heightened and enjoyable meditation experience. The male divine becomes the embodiment of the sacred creative power. Light in your temple space.

“Sufism is the religion of the heart, the religion in which the most important thing is to seek God in the heart of mankind” – Hazrat Inayat Khan.

Capturing the fragrance of holy shrines, Dargah’s and temples, no other incense stick will make you feel the love of the Divine in all creation, like this one – Sufiaana.

These have a light sandalwood base with musk and big floral top notes. Try with Oudh incense sticks for a mind-blowing experience.
Create a lavish sanctuary at home with these luxury, hand-rolled Temple incense sticks. Soft, warm woods and opulent saffron.
Tranquil, smooth and sensual Vanilla Woods incense sticks.

Made with vanilla, cassis, sweet musk, woods and a hint of mint.
Vanilla Woodsincense-sticks
Say bye-bye to bad vibes. Light these white sage incense sticks to cleanse, purify and protect. All the benefits of sage, with the lift of camphor and mint for an overall more pleasant scent.
White Sageincense-stickswhite-sage
Hand-made traditional Indian Wood Spice incense sticks made from a blend of flowers, woods and spices. It’s a classic – we don’t fix what ain’t broke.
Wood Spiceincense-stickswood-spice